DreamShare Uganda Shutdown

Statement from DSU


Under present COVID19 restrictions, unable to run fundraisers, recruit volunteers or maintain the required number of board members, DreamShare Uganda is shutting down. 


It has been a remarkable year since we achieved charitable status in October 2019, and an equally remarkable ride since forming as a non-profit in 2013. The school we supported, Green Hill Primary & Junior School, existed long before we came along, founded, and run by the community. 


Our role has always been to help develop the infrastructure, and we can proudly say we succeeded. We have funded a kindergarten classroom, girls’ latrines, girls’ dormitory, sewing room, a new kitchen plus housing for the guard. We have had storage cabinets built for the teachers, new student desks made, and several new classroom buildings erected. We have provided educational materials, including books and supplies for the teachers. 


During the lockdown in Uganda, we funded a mask-making project run out of the sewing room, the only source of masks in the entire region and all masks were given to those most vulnerable for free, more than 900 in total. We also employed a co-ordinator in Uganda, providing income to support his family. He is now running as a Member of Parliament. 


Our volunteers visiting the school each year, purchased traditional instruments so they could launch a music program, purchased bicycles for those in need, donated books for the library, bought new shoes for kids who were barefoot and twice we brought enough Days for Girls menses kits for all the senior girls. 


Our final project will be funding a water tank which will capture the rainy season runoff from the girls’ dormitory. As the school slowly eases back into operation (graduating students have been allowed to return to write their exams) we provided enough funding to pay teachers for the first few months. 


The school has always been run by the community, relying on student fees for the day to day operation. We have confidence it will continue to do so. The board of directors of DreamShare Uganda wishes to thank everyone who has supported the projects over the years and know that all of you; the musicians who performed free concerts, the donors who provided funds and auction items, the board members who tried to make everything work, the volunteers who did what they could to help, you have all made a difference with your dollars and your time. Those children in Uganda knew that there was a group of Canadians who genuinely cared about them and that kind of love and caring gives a child hope.


Thank you


Valerie HillFounder/PresidentDreamShare Uganda

Special Announcement: Covid-19 impact

Dear supporters, in view of the present COVID19 pandemic, all DreamShare Uganda's activities have been halted in Canada. Our annual general meeting as well as speaking engagements will be rescheduled once everything returns to normal.

In Uganda, our friends are experiencing the same issues we are facing. All schools have been shut down and people are practicing self-isolation as well as frequent hand washing.

This is doubly difficult in a place where there is no running water, just bore holes (wells) which are shared by dozens of families.

Funerals, church and mosque services, family gatherings, all the things that make Ugandans a strong and united people have been cancelled.

We are grateful to the government for taking quick action but we also worry about the immediate impact on the people, most who have no resources to draw on.

We will continue monitoring the situation. If you have any questions, please write to us: dreamshareugandamail.ca

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