our mission

To advance education by repairing and maintaining schools in Uganda defraying teachers' salaries and providing them with teacher training.

To advance the education of children in Uganda by providing schools with books, equipment, musical instruments other educational supplies and materials.

our vision

To create economic opportunity through education and performing arts programs so children will have the knowledge and skills to ensure brighter futures.  We envision healthy, educated children who will grow up connected to family, community and culture.

 core values

Accountability - We strive to use our resources efficiently and effectively and to achieve measurable results.

Transparency - We will be transparent by publishing or making available critical data about DSU.

Integrity - We will be sincere and respectful in our dealings and responsibilities.   

Creativity - We are open to fresh ideas and are always receptive to changes that will make a greater impact for the children we support.   

We are currently partnered with Transparency Protocol; a Blockchain for Social Impact project towards the development of a framework for accountability in the disbursement of charitable resources.

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Special Announcement: Covid-19 impact

Dear supporters, in view of the present COVID19 pandemic, all DreamShare Uganda's activities have been halted in Canada. Our annual general meeting as well as speaking engagements will be rescheduled once everything returns to normal.

In Uganda, our friends are experiencing the same issues we are facing. All schools have been shut down and people are practicing self-isolation as well as frequent hand washing.

This is doubly difficult in a place where there is no running water, just bore holes (wells) which are shared by dozens of families.

Funerals, church and mosque services, family gatherings, all the things that make Ugandans a strong and united people have been cancelled.

We are grateful to the government for taking quick action but we also worry about the immediate impact on the people, most who have no resources to draw on.

We will continue monitoring the situation. If you have any questions, please write to us:

Mailing Address:

516 Beaumont Cres,
Kitchener, ON
N2E 0A9

General Inquiries

(519) 578-8113

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